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Links and Resources

NIH, National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.
www.nccam.nih.gov. Research and information on complimentary health approaches.
AHHA, American Holistic Health Association,
Westin Price Foundation,
www.westinprice.org. Information and articles on “Wise Traditions” in food, farming and healing arts.
Alliance for Addiction Solutions,
www.allianceforaddictionsolutions.org. International nonprofit dedicated to promoting effective nutritional and other natural methods for the treatment of addictions.
Acupuncture Today,
www.acupuncturetoday.com. News, articles, online discussion forums on Chinese Medicine.
MAS, Maryland Acupuncture Society,
www.maryland-acupuncture.org. Information on licensed practitioners in Maryland as well as resources on Chinese Medicine for the general public.
www.somatichealthsolutions.com. Our very own Hanna Somatic educator’s website – Ryan Moschell. More info on Hanna Somatics at Association of Hanna Somatic Educators and at Hanna Somatics.com


"I am a mother of 4 active children. Their sports--gymnastics, ice hockey, soccer and rugby--are all high impact and inevitably result in fractures, sprains and muscle trauma. Acupuncture speeds the recovery time and always increases...

– PK

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