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Herbs and Nutrition

It is well known that herbal and nutritional supplements are an essential ingredient of overall good health. While at a minimum they are part of most people’s daily regimen, in times of stress or illness it is difficult to determine what additional herbs, vitamins or minerals are needed for a therapeutic change.
Full Circle Healing Arts practitioners can help determine the right formulas, dosages and diagnostic testing options for you, taking the guess work out of self prescribing and turning these natural substances into powerful prescriptions for optimum health and healing.
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Chinese Herbal Medicine (Peter, Clem, Monna)

Chinese Herbal Medicine, developed and refined over thousands of years, combines substances in their whole form in specific formulations that maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects. Formulas range from basic energy tonics to herbs for acute illness to prescriptions to shift the internal environment such as in fertility or menopausal issues. Chinese herbs are most often prescribed in conjunction with acupuncture treatment and are safe and effective with most western medications.
We use only the safest, purist Chinese herbal formulas. Almost all our formulas use domestically grown, formulated and quality tested Chinese herbs. Our practitioners who dispense Chinese herbs are trained in Chinese herbal medicine and will prescribe formulas that are appropriate and effective for you.

Naturopathy (Jane)

Naturopathy is therapy that supports your path to better health in a manner that is compatible with nature. The Naturopath assesses your physiological systems through symptoms reports, Traditional Chinese Observations, food intake and overall past and present lifestyle habits. Interventions involve realistic lifestyle/food changes, lab reviews as available, suggested screenings/assessment tests, appropriate nutrition/homeopathic supplements, cleanses, essential oils and/or other modalities to address chronic conditions, balance the metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

Innate Response Nutritional Supplements

We have chosen to offer Innate Response products to our clients as we believe they offer the highest quality nutritional products available today. Innate Response foundational formulas are made from 100% whole food nutrients. Their unique methods of growing, harvesting and extracting foods unlock maximum levels of nutrients with 100% whole food concentrates. Proprietary drying technology with exacting low temperatures, capture metabolically active forms of vitamins and mineral coenzyme complexes.
Innate Response products include multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant formulas, digestive enzymes and clinical strength probiotics; target formulas such as non-glandular adrenal support, prostate health, bone and heart health, and kids and over-forty men and women’s formulas; and specially formulated foundational food powders that address such issues as cleansing and purification, optimal digestive health and weight loss.

Solamar Solution Bio-Scan

The Solamar Solution, powered by ZYTO, is a biocommunication technology that is used to provide answers and solutions even the most complex of health conditions. ZYTO runs a virtual multi-system scan asking your body thousands of questions to identify stressor patterns impacting your health and to determine the balancers that will correct them. To learn more about how the Solamar Solution Scan works, click here.


"I am a mother of 4 active children. Their sports--gymnastics, ice hockey, soccer and rugby--are all high impact and inevitably result in fractures, sprains and muscle trauma. Acupuncture speeds the recovery time and always increases...

– PK

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