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Thermography is an effective screening technology that uses infrared scans. It is completely non-invasive and safe, with no exposure to radiation, ultrasound or magnetic resonance. It provides an accurate representation of the heat signature of the body, which can be monitored for changes over a period of time. Our imaging equipment is state of the art, built by Spectron IR in Portland, OR. This company has worked with the military, building high-end infrared imaging equipment for more than ten years, and is one of a very few manufacturers who offer equipment FDA approved for medical use. We are very pleased to offer Thermal Imaging at Full Circle Healing Arts. Don’t hesitate to direct any questions in regard to thermography or scan scheduling to Sheryl Hargadon or John Wilcoxson, our Certified Medical Thermographers, atinfo@medicalthermographers.com or by calling 410.266.9370 or 410.541.9759.

How Thermography Works

The human body is extremely emissive and every human body radiates a unique heat signature. A healthy body generally has no more than one degree of temperature difference between sides. The moment two little cancer cells start to grow, they engage in a process known as angiogenesis. Thermography is able to identify this activity without exposing a person to radiation. We are now learning that one mammogram exposes a woman to almost the same amount of radiation she would have encountered had she been in Hiroshima when the Atom Bomb was released. This makes thermography an incredible adjunctive diagnostic tool for breast health as it can detect an abnormal heat signature radiating from the human body years before an x-ray or even physical exam would be able to detect a tumor. Thermography often provides early detection and identification of cancerous activity by recording abnormal vascularity and abnormal heat signatures. Young women may start a regimen of yearly scans at an early age and achieve health monitoring without the risk of radiation exposure. Thermography can detect inflammation, extra-cranial cerebral and facial vascular diseases, neuropathies, neoplastic conditions, peripheral vascular disease and more. It is often used in dental practices to identify areas of inflammation As Dr. Christiane Northrup very eloquently writes in her book “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”: “Thermography is the missing link that holds the key to true prevention of breast cancer, not just early detection-although it also does that very well. It allows a woman and her health care provider to determine the state of her breast health immediately, and then take steps to improve it long before a more serious condition develops. Improved methods to detect and diagnose breast cancer early, when it is most curable, are required if a significant impact on morbidity and mortality from breast cancer is to be made in this country.”

A Thermography Story

We recount this story to illustrate the power and potential of Medical Thermography. It is about a woman who had endured a radical mastectomy. At the one year recovery point, she returned to her physician, was examined, x-rayed, and given a clean bill of health. She decided to do a thermal breast study partly in celebration of her “recovery” from breast cancer but also to provide a baseline heat signature for future reference. That thermal study showed the presence of active cancer cells at the incision site. This activity was not discernable by physical exam, MRI or PET scan. That thermal study likely saved her life.




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