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Welcome to Late Summer and the Earth Element


Earth is the late, short season after summer when the energy is coming down after the frenetic activity of the past high season. The weather is hot and humid and we find ourselves wanting to be lazy, to slow down, to just be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Earth is harvest time; vegetables are ripe and sagging on the vine or rotting on the ground. Plants are getting scraggly and the growing season is coming to an end. Nature is slowing her pace. This is the season of Mother Earth, who nourishes us as a mother nourishes her child. She cares and gives of herself so that we may flourish.


The emotion associated with Earth is sympathy. Sympathy is empathetic concern for someone else’s plight. People with an Earth constitution are moved to care for the less fortunate. Generous and giving, these are the people we can count on when someone is sick or wanting. They are the caretakers, always ready to lend a hand. Home, hearth, children and family are all nurtured by the Earth element. Out of balance however, sympathy and over-concern can lead to worry and rumination. When we continually or unnecessarily worry, we become overly needy of those around us. Neediness can turn into a “victim complex” whereby we create situations from which people have to rescue us. Or we can become stuck and unproductive. Never feeling satisfied can lead to eating disorders or hoarding tendencies.


In our bodies, the Earth rules the stomach and spleen, our digestion and transformation of food into energy. It rules the flesh, the orifice of the mouth and our sense of taste. Our ability to think is governed by the Earth.


How is our Earth? Although Earth may not be our dominant element, every element is within us. Are we able to digest life appropriately and feel pleasure and satisfaction? Are there places in our lives where we feel stuck? Do we look to food for comfort or can we find comfort through other support systems? Do we burden others with our concerns and worries or can we establish healthy boundaries with family and friends? Are we nurturing ourselves as well as those around us or are we the ones constantly giving? How is our digestion? Do we get knots in our stomach, gas and bloating or can we process food easily? Prolapses, hernias, joint pain, blood sugar imbalance, edema, weight issues, infertility and digestive problems are all signs of imbalances within the Earth Element.


Contemplate this season of abundance and how you can nurture yourself within it.


"I am a mother of 4 active children. Their sports--gymnastics, ice hockey, soccer and rugby--are all high impact and inevitably result in fractures, sprains and muscle trauma. Acupuncture speeds the recovery time and always increases...

– PK


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