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ZYTO is a bio-communication computer technology

Zyto is a a virtual multi-system scan that, through the meridian
system,  asks your body thousands of questions that are organized as
bio-surveys. These bio-surveys identify imbalances impacting your
health as well as the therapeutic remedies that will restore balance.

How Zyto works

Using a specialized hand cradle connected to a computer, your body
interacts with energetic pulses or signatures called Virtual Stimulus
Items (VSI). These VSIs are organized into questionnaires and are
representative of a wide range of things such as bodily functions,
organ and glandular systems, mental and emotional responses, hormone
levels, viruses, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, prescription
drugs, nutritional supplements, foods, herbs, therapeutic treatments
and more. As each VSI is sent through the hand cradle, your body’s
response to these stressors and balancers is identified, measured and
recorded. The information received is in the form of frequencies–it’s
important to note that the Zyto does not TREAT illness, it simply
records what your body is saying at an unconscious level and reveals
what remedies can be helpful.

Your body responds through an energetic process known as
galvanic skin response or GSR. The computer measures complex GSR
patterns and determines shifts in your energetic posture. These
shifts, either negative or positive, identify your biological
preferences. This information is used to design a balanced plan for
your specific needs.

EVOX, Technology to Help you Change your Perception to Change Your Life

The Evox is a sister technology to the Zyto which helps people move
forward with their lives.
For example, Evox can help with phobias or problems with a relative.
It can help us become better speakers or test takers – the list is
endless. Evox has helped people lead more successful lives, not only
personally but in their careers and vocations.

Evox is a sound technology that records your voice and works much the
same way as Zyto.
Five sessions in a period of two weeks time is a requirement, paid in
full at first session.

Our Team can Help you Answer Even the Most Complex Health Questions

Alexis Rotella, M.Ac., Ph.D, is a licensed acupuncturist who was one
of the first Zyto pioneers in Maryland. She will guide you through the
process and interpret your scan and work to determine the best way to
get your health on track.

If you have questions or want to schedule an appointment, contact
Alexis Rotella at 410-384-9183 or email her at akrotella@gmail.com.
Feel free to check out her website at www.jadespring.com.

For more information on ZYTO bio-communication technology click here –  ZYTO


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– PK

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