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Insurance Acupuncture

Insurance Coverage for Acupuncture

Many insurance companies cover acupuncture treatment. Please call your insurance provider to ask if they cover acupuncture with an out-of-network provider (which we are.) Also, find out what your out-of-network deductible is. Depending on your coverage, we may be able to file your claims for you. In some instances, there may be a coinsurance or filing fee.


Acupuncture for Veterans

We are a Certified Community Care Facility for the Veteran’s Administration. With pre-authorization from the VA, veterans are eligible for 28 acupuncture treatments in a one-year period.


Federal Workman’s Compensation

We are the only clinic in Maryland that is registered to offer Federal Workman’s compensation for acupuncture treatment.


Maryland State Workman’s Compensation

We are happy to work with your Workman’s Comp case manager to secure pre-authorized acupuncture treatment for on-the-job accidents or injuries.

Please call our office at 410 266-9370 for more information on the services listed above

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