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Body Work

Both complimentary and traditional healthcare systems alike recognize that bodywork, or touch therapies, play an important role in treating illness and chronic pain and contribute to a higher sense of wellbeing. There are many types of bodywork from massage for relaxation to physical therapy for rehabilitation. In general, bodywork helps to break up blockages, activate the nervous system and release the healing power of the lymph system to allow life energy to flow freely to all parts of the body. Full Circle Healing Arts bodywork practitioners employ a wide variety of techniques to support healthy individuals as well as those experiencing physical challenges.


Massage Therapy (Judy, Ryan, Celie)

Massage is well known for its ability to promote physical and mental relaxation. By stimulating circulation, nerve response and cell activity, massage can also assist in pain management and recovery from injury. Relief is felt in stiff and fatigued muscles with improvement in range of motion. Massage can be enjoyed not only for its ability to reduce pain and stress but also for its benefits in maintaining health and wellbeing. Swedish Massage is very flowing and gentle and employs a lot of oil to create a smooth and relaxing experience. Deep Tissue Massage, as the name implies, uses much more pressure, is very specific and slow, with much less oil being applied. Myofascial Massage is very different from the two previous techniques in that it is very slow and almost no oil is applied. Pregnancy Massage can employ any or all of the above techniques paying careful attention to the needs and comfort of the client.

Oncology Massage (Celcilia)

Managing the physical and emotional concerns for cancer patients, and their loved ones, can be overwhelming. Massage therapy is beneficial for cancer patients both during and following their treatments. According to the American Cancer Society, patients receiving massage therapy can expect improvement in their “level of pain, overall mood and quality of life”. Massage Therapy can reduce anxiety, ease pain, help to control nausea, improve sleep and fatigue and ultimately have a profound impact on the well being of the cancer patient.


Hanna Somatic Education  (Ryan)

If you are experiencing shallow breathing, numbness in hands and/or feet, hip and leg pain, increased curvature of the spine, muscular pain and spasms, arthritis, bursitis, stiffness, decreased flexibility, or other common complaints, you could have a condition called Sensory-Motor Amnesia (SMA). SMA occurs when you learn to hold yourself tightly in reaction to pain, injury, or emotional stress, causing your brain to forget how to sense or experience muscles in your body. Your muscles function improperly because strong reflex messages from the brain cause them to involuntarily over-contract. Chronically contracted muscles become sore and painful, weak from constant use, or cause general fatigue. The result is tight muscles that often hurt, or cause joints to ache. Tight muscles distort posture, cause stiffness, and contribute to chronic fatigue. With the proper Somatic re-training of muscles and mind, you can regain range of motion and alleviate many of the symptoms you may be having. Hanna Somatic Education can reverse the effects of SMA and restore flexibility through pain-free movements to help increase your brain’s motor output and override reflex patterns. It is a system of neuromuscular re-education (mind-body training) that enables you to enjoy freedom from pain and more comfortable movement for the rest of your life. For more information, please click on this link www.somatichealthsolutions.com.

Lymphatic Drainage   (Cecilia)

A proper functioning lymphatic system is important in order for the body to maintain a healthy immune system. The lymphatic system helps circulate fluids, proteins and immune cells throughout the body, plus it eliminates toxins and waste products. When we experience stress, fatigue, infection or surgery, the lymph circulation becomes compromised and many physical ailments can develop. Lymphatic drainage is a hands-on, light touch technique that mechanically stimulates lymph flow to follow the proper channels to drain. Each session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. During which, the client is able to remain fully clothed. Lymph Drainage Therapy can reduce edemas, chronic infections, stimulate immune function, speed recovery time and pain after surgery. This is especially successful after joint replacement and cosmetic surgeries. The practice creates deep relaxation which aids insomnia, depression and stress and is recommended for cancer patients after chemotherapy has been completed.


Physical Therapy   (Stephanie)

Physical T
r limitations in their overall physical function. Whether you have an acute problem, chronic pain and disability, or are looking to prevent injury or surgery, physical therapy can help improve or restore the mobility you need. Using a combination of manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and muscle energy techniques, as well as guided exercise and postural re-education our physical therapist will work with you to restore function, improve mobility, decrease pain and provide you with strategies to help maximize your function and move forward with your life.


"I am a mother of 4 active children. Their sports--gymnastics, ice hockey, soccer and rugby--are all high impact and inevitably result in fractures, sprains and muscle trauma. Acupuncture speeds the recovery time and always increases...

– PK

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